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is a born-Canadian writer, director, and producer. Raised with found friends in books and real friends in the theatre, Cassaundra gravitates toward character-driven storytelling that explores the intricacies of human connection. Known for her practical, hands-on, and comedic filmmaking approach, Cassaundra thrives in natural environments where close-knit creative teams are fostered and supported.

Upon entering the world of film as a young actor in 2013, Sloan realized her love for writing and directing, and in 2018 she established production company Girl North Studios as a means for women to tell heart-driven stories. In 2021, Sloan developed sister companies The Girl North and the independent nonprofit The Girl North Project with a mission to support humanitarian causes that uplift women and girls. In 2023, she co-created the arthouse Wilderland Worlds, fueled by her love for practical film design and soundscape (something she admired deeply on Peter Jackson’s ‘The Lord of the Rings’, the company’s namesake).

Since the beginning of her career, Sloan has independently produced several short film, music video, and commercial projects. In 2022, she graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English and History and among her accolades, has been an avid supporter of several Toronto-based festivals in which she has participated as a board or jury member (Pendance, Female Eye).

Cassaundra hopes to continue to produce stories that provoke conversation about relationships to the self and others and to permeate themes of love, friendship and perserverance throughout her work.

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