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GIRL NORTH STUDIOS is the motion picture & television 

production company created and helmed by women.

Founded in 2018 by Cassaundra Sloan, Girl North Studios stemmed from a dream where core creative roles on set were helmed and piloted by women. Since its conception, Girl North Studios has evolved into a fast-growing motion picture and television production company specializing in influential storytelling where women are at the forefront of production: in the writer's room and the director's chair.

With a passion and niche for creating an ensemble from start to finish, Girl North Studios initiates close collaborative processes that inform a tight-knit network of talented artists and individuals to effectively produce the highest quality of work. We value every aspect of the creative process from development to post-production and building lasting relationships within our community is key to our success.

But at the forefront? THE STORIES THAT SHAPE US.

Our Eco Promise
The Girl North Project
The Girl North Audio Entertainment
Wilderland Worlds
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Toronto, ON, Canada

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